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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup, also known as micropigmentation, is a form of cosmetic tattooing.
It is designed to replicate the effects of your everyday makeup, so you can save time and money and gain confidence!

Using a specialist machine (or handheld tool, for microblading) I will input the pigment (the colour) into the top layer of your skin. This is a two part procedure. After your 6week touch-up appointment you’ll be able to see the true, healed results.

Please note, you must be 18 years old or over to receive a permanent makeup treatment.



Devon Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup can transform your eyebrows and take years off you. Whether you have over plucked, patchy, sparse brows, are suffering from a hair loss condition or have been through chemotherapy, or if you simply want to enhance what you naturally have. At Devon Permanent Makeup I work with your natural brow, incorporating the perfect shape and colour to match your skin tone and hair colour, applying the technical skill that is essential to achieving the eyebrows you have always wanted.


Devon Permanent Eyeliner

Wave goodbye to smudged, uneven eyeliner. Get perfectly applied Permanent eyeliner 24/7, whether you’re after a natural looking subtle lash enhancement or a bolder more striking look, I can create a look tailored just for you.

Permanent Lip Liner
& Lip Blush

Devon Permanent Lips

As we age our lip lines recede and our lips become paler and lose definition. Choose between a subtle lip liner to restore your cupid’s bow and lip contour, combine with lip blush for a natural looking anti-aging colour boost and definition, or a full lip colour to replicate your favourite shade of lipstick and add a hint of volume. I will custom blend your lip colour to give you the perfect pout for smudge-free, kiss proof lips that take the effort out of applying lipstick.

Devon Permanent Makeup – What You Need to Know

12 Things You Need To know When Chosing Your Permanent Makeup Artist!

With the many benefits of Permanent Makeup, otherwise known as; semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic micropigmentation, this procedure is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry. There are therefore a growing number of people out there performing these services who do not always have the right qualifications or training. If you are considering having Permanent Makeup, please do your homework and find a specialist with experience in this field with whom you feel comfortable.

Vanessa Kirk 12 things to consider when choosing your permanent makeup artist 3Debok cover

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Why Are Clients Traveling From Miles Around To Have Their Permanent Makeup Done With Vanessa at Devon Permanent Makeup? …

  • SAVE TIME – Life is always so busy balancing work, social and family time, without the need to apply eyeliner, lip liner/lipstick or the need to get those eyebrows symmetrical you can save a lot of time and worry with your morning routine. With permanent makeup you will never be caught looking anything less than your best.


  • SAVE MONEY – How many makeup products do you buy each year? How many waxes, tints or lash lifts do you get? And still you don’t achieve your desired look/shape/colour or even if you do it then has to be wiped off every single night. With permanent makeup it’s one payment a year to keep your makeup permanently flawless.


  • CONFIDENCE – It’s surprising how perfectly defined lips, natural looking brows or eyeliner enhancement can really boost your confidence. A permanent makeup enhancement can make you feel beautiful from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.


  • SENSITIVITY/ALLERGY TO COSMETICS – Never again experience irritation or ill effects from applying cosmetic products unsuitable for your skin type.


  • LOW MAINTENANCE – This will vary depending on your skin type, age, lifestyle and aftercare. However, your permanent makeup will last about 12-18 months before maintenance is needed. This can mean a year or more of less hassle applying your brows/eyeliner/lipstick.


  • LOOK YEARS YOUNGER – Permanent makeup enhances your natural features resulting in a more youthful appearance. A professionally applied set of eyebrows can give you an instant brow lift making you look years younger, defining your features, framing your face. A subtle eyeliner accentuates your eyes and gives the appearance of thicker eyelashes. A lip blush treatment makes the lips appear fuller and more youthful.


  • SMUDGE FREE – Does the thought of going swimming, to the gym or doing any strenuous activity fill you with dread, worrying about your makeup running or smudging? Do you lack confidence, feel naked or worry you look ill or washed out without wearing your carefully applied makeup? With expertly applied permanent makeup you’ll never have those concerns or worries again, so you can truly enjoy your activity confidently knowing your makeup won’t budge an inch.


  • HAIR LOSS – If you are experiencing any kind of temporary or permanent hair loss, I can recreate natural looking eyebrows and eyeliner to perfectly suit and enhance your features. Looking good on the outside can significantly boost your confidence and make you feel great on the inside too. Battling an illness is stressful and exhausting at the best of times, which is why I love how I can use my talent, knowledge and experience in Permanent Makeup to help.


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Devon Permanent Makeup Client Testimonials

Hayley, Cullompton. Lash enhancement treatment.

Hayley, Cullompton. Lash enhancement treatment

Devon Permanent Makeup Client Portfolio

Vanessa Kirk Devon Permanent Makeup Photo

Vanessa Kirk

Devon Permanent Makeup Specialist

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