Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

Devon Permanent Eyebrows by Vanessa Kirk

Devon Permanent Makeup offers a number of different permanent eyebrow treatments to suit your unique beauty requirements

Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

The Importance of Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of a person’s most prominent facial features because of the many functions they perform. They help accentuate the eyes, shape the face, and play a powerful role in communication.

Look More Youthful

Beautifully-groomed eyebrows are a lesser known anti-aging secret. As one of the first things people notice when they look at you, no amount of makeup can atone for bad brows. What permanent makeup on your brows can do is give lift to your face and make the eyes appear larger and more youthful.

Frame the Eyes

The right eyebrow shape can frame and flatter the eyes. The wrong one can make you appear aged, tired, or angry. However, there is no one “right” eyebrow shape. We’ll establish the right brow shape for you by examining your face and eye shape.

Refine Your Look

A well-groomed brow can create a polished look that enhances your appearance. Even without a drop of makeup, a woman with well-kept eyebrows will typically appear more clean and refined.

Balance the Face

No human has a perfectly symmetrical face but most of us aim to have one. Eyebrows that are unsymmetrical can throw off your facial balance, making one eye appear larger than the other or changing your entire look altogether. Well-structured brows that are more symmetrical in nature are pleasing to the human eye.

Correct Flaws

Eyebrows have the power to completely change the look of the face by correcting minor flaws such as small eyes or eyes that are too far apart. The right brow shape can add length and definition to your face. It can also draw the eyes to the upper portion of the face to distract from imperfections on the bottom portion.

I always custom blend my pigments to match your skin tone and hair for a natural look even for those with blonde, white, and grey hair.

All treatments include: A free consultation, Full aftercare treatment, and A top-up appointment after 6 weeks.

4 Different Types of Permanent Eyebrow Procedures to Meet Your Unique Requirements …

Devon Permanent Eyebrows

1. Microblading

Natural Hair Strokes: Permanent Eyebrows – Microblading:

Using a specially designed manual blade I simulate natural hair by implanting very fine strokes throughout the brow, working with your own hair growth and direction to create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows. If you have patchy brows, lost tails or a hair loss condition then this technique is perfect for you.

2. Powdered Effect

Powdered Brows: Permanent Eyebrows – Powdered Effect:

The brows are shaded throughout using a top of the range purpose built permanent makeup digital machine for an even overall colour, they can be lightly shaded for a very subtle enhancement or they can be heavily shaded for a more defined look. The pigments used are custom blended to suit your individual skin tone and hair colour to ensure they still look very natural.

3. Ombré Brows

Designer Brows: Permanent Eyebrows – Ombré Brows:

The brows are heavily shaded on the tails to really define them then the colour will fade out as it gets nearer to the fronts for a lovely soft natural finish.

4. Blading & Shading

Blading & Shading: Permanent Eyebrows – Natural Hair Strokes and Powdered Brows Combined:

This technique is a mixture of microblading and powdered brows. I use the manual blade to simulate hair growth then switch to the machine to softly shade throughout the middle of the brows to give them a little definition and a very realistic natural finish.

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